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The Womb

How It Works


A balanced life doesn’t happen overnight. Create an ongoing practice to guide your path and keep you aligned.

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Synergistic Breathwork™ is a practice focused on bringing you into alignment with the deeper aspects of your psyche and spirit. Practiced wearing an eye mask, while engaging faster, deeper breathing and listening to evocative music that takes you on an inner journey of healing and transformation. All sessions are live and led by a facilitator.

  • Integrate the shadow
  • Tap into your highest spiritual self
  • Resolve trauma and adverse past/childhood experiences
  • Gain insight and advice from your higher self
  • Release stagnant and suppressed emotions
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Harmonic Matrix Meditation™ is a form of guided meditation that works with the subconscious mind to free the aspects of your psyche that are stuck in the pains of the past so that you can live freely in the present and future. In conjunction with Synergistic Breathwork it becomes a transformative experience like no other.

  • Connect with your inner child
  • Rewrite the stories from your past
  • Resolve anxieties and insecurity
  • Align your future self with your current desires
  • Build grounded confidence from the inside out

Intuitive Tapping Technique™ is a tool used to access and dissolve unconscious blockages while tapping into the guidance of your higher intelligence, freeing you to live life exactly as you want to, and imparting you with the confidence to become the greatest version of yourself. It can be practiced on its own or in conjunction with Synergistic Breathwork. 

  • Release unconscious blockages and traumas
  • Unbecome the patterns handed down to you
  • Draw more of your spiritual self into the material world
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Move through life with confidence and ease
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Integrate the full spectrum of your being, from the shadow to the light and beyond

The Transformative Power Of Expanded States Of Consciousness

The changes taking place on the planet at this time are ones of expanding consciousness. When we work within those expanded states we become a conduit for the energies desiring to manifest in the world, allowing us to transform our lives and the world around us.

Consciousness is what creates everything in our world, the more of our consciousness we use, the more power we have to live as truly fulfilled human beings, both materially and spiritually.

Whether you are new to the path of self-discovery or you've been on the path for years and are looking to reach the next level of mastery, working within these expanded states will open you to a world of possibility and the ability to live a more meaningful, impactful and authentic existence, while experiencing life from a state of magic and flow.


Synergistic Breathwork™  has the potential to bring about intense feelings. Because of the strong physical and emotional releases that may arise, and the physiological changes that take place in the body, it’s not recommended for some people. Talk to your doctor before practicing this type of breathwork if you have, or have a history of:

Cardiovascular Disease, prior heart Attack
Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure
Retinal Detachment 

Recent injury or surgery
History of manic episodes, bipolar or schizophrenia
Severe mental illness
Strokes, seizures or neurological conditions
Family history of aneurisms
If you are pregnant

What People Are Saying

"Hearing and trusting my intuition more than ever before!"

"Working through childhood trauma, and happy to be doing it."

"Anxiety, depression, I simply don't experience them anymore."

"Opening up and connecting more deeply with the people in my life."

"Healing parts of myself that I hadn't even realized were standing in my way and messing with my life."

"Being stuck is a thing of the past, I now move forward with confidence and intuition."

"I've always struggled to figure out who I am, now I am meeting my true self for the first time."

"This experience has left me awestruck. I've had breakthroughs, upgrades and released limiting beliefs. I feel connected to myself and my life in a way I never knew existed."

"This is truly transformative work. I've erased self-doubt, changed the way I make decisions and connected with my life's mission in a deeper way than I ever thought possible."

Rosemary Brocco

Rosemary began her own journey of using altered states for healing when she was just 19 and has been working in the field of personal development for well over a decade, working predominantly with resolving childhood trauma and helping her clients uncover their life's purpose. The Womb is where she has combined the techniques that, over the years, have brought the deepest results in both her own life and the lives of the people she's worked with, to bring you a powerful, transformative experience like no other.

Rosemary also offers private Focus Sessions for working more deeply on specific issues, and private Synergistic Breathwork sessions for those seeking personalized guidance and support. Click Here to learn more about private sessions.

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